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What We Do

We work in well-defined geographic areas each of which has a minimum of 20,000 women of reproductive age.


We implement our projects for one to three years and serve all women living in the area through multiple customized visits.  

Each Willows Project is tailored to the local context. However, each project follows the same standard model.


To ensure we are meeting the needs of women, we partner with ministries, health facilities, international and community-based organizations, and local leaders. 

In each country, we work with government officials and agencies to identify project areas with the greatest women’s health needs. We then partner with the local public and private health institutions to ensure they are providing high-quality sexual and reproductive care services. When we identify gaps in services, we work with other organizations to improve them, so we can confidently refer women to the facility. We also partner with health facilities to make sure that the services are affordable for our clients.

Willows Project Model 

Willows International


Phone: 401-234-0481

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